Band Saw Blade Guides

Improve your Band Saw Machine performance and get a good life out of your saw blades!

562e7d821b7b6b406b430527745ebc6eBlade guides are vital pieces of equipment on band saws as it supports the blade during cutting. They serve as “pillars” that hold the blade in place perpendicular to the saw base. Without this, a band saw operator may encounter blade problems or get unsatisfactory cutting results.

Common band saw problems such as band breakage, premature loss of tooth set, crooked cuts, and band jamming in the cut have often times been attributed to bad or misaligned guides. Blade guides are essential as it improves blade and machine performance in every operation. It allows the band saw blade to have an accurate cut by holding it in place so it will not run off the two wheels which are the idler and the drive wheels. When blade guides are properly adjusted, they help maintain a straight cut and reduce vibration. Improperly installed or worn out side guides can lead to unwanted problems such as premature dulling of the saw blades, gullet cracks on the blade, rough or uneven cuts, and other machining problems.

5dd4ea3559049af0d21bed0a20baa448Blade guides may differ depending on the type of bandsaw machine that you are running. Some machines use hardened carbon steel blade guides, while other band saw machines consist of blade roller bearings. No matter what type of blade guides you have, all guides wear out because of the the friction made by the saw blade on the guide surface. Worn out blade guides may affect the cutting ability of the band saw blade and may cause poor results, thus making it a necessity to replace or change them from time to time.

It is important to replace the blade guides when they are worn out

a8705ebccb70802890805f558f5ecad9It is necessary to replace worn out blade guides because there is a possibility that the band saw blade would break if the blades don’t move freely. We should also consider that there should be space within the blade guides where the band saw blade is held. The space within the blade guides could actually widen because of the friction made when the blade runs through. Because of this, the blade loosens and may cause the blade to bounce. If this happens, the bandsaw machine may cut inaccurately and there will be a greater possibility that the blade itself may break along the cutting process.
Changing worn out blade guides may be time consuming but we should always consider that as an advantage from the operator’s standpoint since doing this maintenance process can prevent bandsaw blade consumption from hitting the roof. In addition, doing so may also also improve cutting accuracy and efficiency.